20th-Anniversary Celeberation Sales Discount of CNC products

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Price Include :

LATHE CNC SYSTEM 350iTA 2axis+ B-type subpanel +input boards x3pcs +output boardsx2pcs+RIO+servo driver GTAS-30A x 2pcs + 10Nm servo motor +15Nm Servo motor+cnc accessaries and cables 5meters = USD2592/set


1)  our standard subpanel supplied include MPG ,if you need buy a handy pulser/handwheel to match with , if buy the handweel from us will charge USD140/pc

2)  there are two choice of output board ; our standard supply is output board without relays; if customer want that with relays,will charge difference by USD100/pc

output board with relays

3) for our 350series CNC Controller, Horizontal and Vertical type are optional.

4) our standard supply of cables are within 5meters, if you need extend the cable, please check with you

5) for our new 150 ,330, 350 series CNC Controller , all can match with motor with absolute encoder; if customer want to match with absolute driver and motor, please check with us .

Characteristics :

* 32-bit high performance low-power Industrial-grade microprocessor, 1GHz CPU; can achieve high-speed,high-precision control

* 8 inch TFT color LCD screen , resolution 800x600

* The interface is confortable ,friendly and easy to operate

* Controlled Axes: 3-5axis

* Linkage axes: linear 2-5axes, Arc 2-3 axes

* Max. Positioning speed: 60m/min; max. feedrate: 30m/min;

* Open PLC functions, provide PLC software to meet the secondary development; Built-in 48x32 I/O

* Up to 1000blocks look-ahead capacity,powerful pre-processing function

* Support PLC online monitoring,edit,compile and signal follow functions

* Support RS232, USB and network interfaces and realize data transfer, DNC and USB on-line maching

* Can match with 17bit-absolute servo driver and motors ; no need install zero switch and do zero return operation ,greatly improve machining efficiency.